Boston Innovation Capital Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary

27 Apr

By Colin Widen, CEO, Boston Innovation Capital

Boston Innovation Capital (BIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of LSN Holdings, became a FINRA-registered broker dealer in 2016. BIC works alongside LSN’s other two divisions (LSN’s Investor Platform and Company Platform, and the RESI Conference Group) to support early stage companies in forging connections with investors, major pharma firms and other strategic players in the life science world.

With a year of operations under our belt, BIC has expanded its services to support both startups and investors in building early stage connections based on a good fit between buyers and sellers of new life science innovations.

BIC was founded to create and execute global fundraising campaigns for startups in the biotech, medical devices, diagnostics and healthcare IT sectors. This was a logical start for the firm due to BIC’s relationship with Life Science Nation. The conversation that LSN maintains with the industry via the RESI events and the LSN Investor Platform creates a close relationship with investors and deep awareness of the fundraising landscape.

These relationships have also given BIC the capacity to offer buy side services. BIC can often make confidential inquiries to investors regarding their portfolio companies. This gives BIC access to tens of thousands of private companies that are extremely difficult to source. Not only does BIC get access via these investors but they receive a potential introduction by in many cases an investor who has a board seat. This puts BIC in a unique position to represent entities looking to license or acquire assets.

LSN’s unique position in the early stage space, and the range of capabilities we have developed, provide a strong foundation for a sourcing and ranking service for clients interested in investment/acquisition opportunities. LSN is uniquely positioned to rapidly identify and assess technology assets for clients focusing on any disease area of interest. We operate at the intersection of many North American and European channels of early stage life science technology assets.

LSN has deep relationships with Big Pharma players, large global CRO’s and other service providers who are all long-term clients. LSN owns and curates one of the top early stage company databases in the world and sells this database to these partners who use it to source early stage life science technology. This global positioning, along with the appearance of exciting new companies/technologies at our RESI meetings and deep relationships with our partners (pharma, NIH, investors) enables LSN to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their interest areas.

The Sourcing and Ranking Service (SRS) provides clients with a comprehensive opportunity to make the sourcing process super efficient. Starting with a detailed assessment of the clients’ investment interests, LSN will conduct a global search for assets in that interest area; will vet and rank the most relevant assets; will provide the client with a deep dive analysis of the companies holding the top 10 to 20 assets. SRS is designed to provide clients with a rapid, end-to-end business development research capability that will enable them to more quickly access the assets they are most interested in.

If you’re interested in how to source, vet and rank new assets, stay tuned, because we’ll cover this in depth in next week’s newsletter. We look forward to building on our resources and relationships in the years to come, and offering both startups and investors more support in finding the right match.

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