Finding, Vetting and Profiling Assets – LSN’s Unique Sourcing & Ranking Service (SRS)

4 May

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Life Science Nation (LSN) has created a funding and partnering platform for early-stage life science companies in biotech, medtech, diagnostics and digital health that is unique to the industry. The platform consists of two databases, one tracks emerging life science companies and the other curates investors from around the world who are funding these entities. Augmenting these two platforms is the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference series and an I-Bank, Boston Innovation Capital (BIC) that help facilitate the matching up of buyers and sellers.

LSN’s unique position and range of capabilities has attracted interest from both domestic and foreign life science entities looking to leverage LSN’s global access to technology, specifically the plethora of technology assets in North America. This has resulted in various projects that utilize LSN’s infrastructure and reach into its partnering network. As a result LSN decided to offer a Sourcing and Ranking Service (SRS) that allows pharma and other buyer/licensees a way to quickly develop a complete picture of and gain access to the assets targeting a particular indication or specific technology type.

LSN’s Sourcing & Ranking Service (SRS) provides a three tier classification of assets, consisting of initial identification and aggregation of “Global Heat Maps” and “Global Target Lists” of the technologies/companies for a specific project.  We then deliver a deep-dive analysis of the select top assets that best fit the client’s objectives.  LSN has developed an expert system that powers this new capability to source, vet and stack-rank assets around virtually any life science sector. This service allows pharma groups and others looking for acquisitions or licensing deals to quickly scan the global landscape for a desired indication or technology type and dial in top contenders for investment and partnering objectives.

*   Level 1 Profile – LSN starts a client’s project by initially creating a “Global Heat Map” identifying where the assets are and then curating a ‘Global Target List” of all the companies and technologies and provide first level profile information on these companies. uncovered that are a potential fit. At the heart of LSN is a very strong and diverse research team that can efficiently gather and parse information using the LSN Company Database of 45,000 emerging biotech, medtech, diagnostic and healthcare IT companies. Which include data on financing rounds, management team and breakdown of pipeline (indication, stage of development, licensing status), the target company’s website and other informational resources are used to create a comprehensive list of relevant companies and their technologies.

*   Level 2 Profile – The Level 2 profile consists of our research team members calling all the core “global target list” entities and conducting one-on-one interviews. The researcher uses a survey that LSN has created and is the foundation of the LSN expert system. The survey conducted via a one on one phone interview which encompasses a dozen key topics that involve over 200 data elements that we accrue and enter into the expert system. The system then generates a score for each entity based on the weighted categories and the data elements within each category. The combination of the level 1 and 2 profiles provide an up-to-date, multi-layered, and actionable profile which now can be stack ranked. This stack ranking is based on the individual score generated through the expert system for each company. LSN delivers this information via reports and also allows the client access via a secure password protected content/data vault. LSN’s sourcing and ranking service allows clients to be highly selective and much more efficient from a time perspective delivering results within 90 days.

*   Level 3 Profile – LSN works with the client to select the top assets from the stack rank list that best fit the client’s objectives. Based on client’s input, LSN will conduct a more detailed assessment of these companies—building off of the initial phone conversations. LSN research will obtain all the available company collateral such as executive summaries, PowerPoint presentations, technical publications, as well as their most up to date white papers and business plan. At this point LSN collaborates with the client to design more elaborate interviews with additional one-on-one phone conversations and in-depth interviews as we build and enhance the Level 3 Profiles. The new profile allows LSN to create a new stack ranking order based on the additional data and generate a summary report for the client.

*   Data Vault – The client has access to a proprietary ‘Data Vault’ which will be hosted by LSN on a secure website to house info and portfolio of the assets discovered. The client has access to on-line ‘data vault’ with all asset information via a user name and password. The content, data and reports are never more the 90 days old.  Guaranteeing current and accurate information is critical in sourcing assets. The finalized stack-ranking report generated from LSN’s due diligence and top asset recommendations can provide a significant edge and make the client extremely efficient in evaluating technology. The Client will be able to download profiles and reports as needed.

LSN is uniquely positioned at the intersection between investors and early-stage companies. SRS is designed to provide our clients with a rapid, end-to-end research capability that will enable them to efficiently access the assets that are the right match for their new business initiatives and partnerships.

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