Growth of An Early Stage Phenomenon: Four Years of RESI in Boston

20 Jul

By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN

natasha-wp-newThe first RESI event ever was held in Boston in 2013, with the goal of bringing the startups and the investors that LSN already worked with together for face to face meetings between parties who would be a good fit for each other’s business. From that seed, RESI has grown beyond all our expectations. We quickly outgrew beyond the capacity of our original RESI venue at the State Room – and our next venue at Fenway Park! With RESI’s 4th anniversary approaching, we can show you how the previous RESI Boston events kept getting bigger and bigger – and we expect the September 26th event to be larger yet, with more opportunities to meet with investors and form key relationships that will get new healthcare products to market.

The sheer number of attendees at our annual RESI Boston fall event keeps climbing. Alongside the rise in total attendees, the number of investor attendees has also kept increasing to keep pace:

Not only that, but as the number of RESI participants increases, we’ve added more and more RESI Partnering spots to keep up with the increased need for bandwidth. We expect to have more one on one spots available than ever at our September event.

While raw numbers tell an impressive and continuing growth story, it’s also worth noting that RESI has continued to innovate in terms of content and spread our global reach. The addition of RESI’s newest track, Asia-North America Partnering & Investment, has brought a new constituency of investors to RESI to look for early stage equity investment opportunities and assets. Meanwhile, every time we have brought RESI to a new city – San Francisco, Houston, Toronto, San Diego – we have sourced new investors and startups to bring into the fold, and many of those players have followed RESI back to Boston.

We hope you will join us in September to be part of RESI’s ongoing story.

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