Hot Investor Mandate 1: Pharma Firm Creates Innovation Unit to Invest in New Solutions for Skin Diseases

20 Jul

A pharma firm has created an independent R&D innovation unit to transform early stage innovations into solutions for improving the lives of people with skin disease; the unit is an agile group of scientific experts with an entrepreneurial mindset and a vision to enable precision medicine in Dermatology. The group looks to accelerate breakthrough research projects and technologies by offering scientific expertise and funding to people with great ideas. The group employs a flexible co-funding model and deal structures may vary widely from grants, convertible bonds, equity positions etc. Investments range up to 5 million USD. The unit hub also leverages their large, world-class dermatology network to accelerate projects e.g. help validate novel targets in relevant skin diseases or develop advanced diagnostic technologies.

The firm is exclusively focused on skin diseases, with the vision to enable precision medicine in dermatology. The group’s research focus areas include deep learning, imaging technologies and non-invasive bio-marker technologies. Additionally, the unit continuously explores novel therapeutics (small molecules, biologics, gene therapy, etc.), medical devices, diagnostic technologies etc. that have application in dermatologic indications. The group is open to new ideas and is excited to discuss any opportunities that improve the quality of life of people living with skin disease.

The firm has no strict requirements for companies or management teams and will work with a variety of institutions and entrepreneurs. The group collaborates for the very purpose of advancing science and all collaborations are based on mutual trust and transparency.

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