Get Ready, RESI Partnering Opens Monday, August 21st – New Premier Partnering Plus Is On The Docket

17 Aug

By Natasha Eldridge, RESI Conference Manager, LSN


On Monday August 21st, Partnering for RESI Boston will open and all the entrepreneurs and investors attending the event will be able to start filling out their dance cards for RESI’s one-on-one meetings.  While RESI Partnering has always been the heart of the event, RESI also offers dozens of educational panels and workshops and also an engaging venue for ad-hoc networking.

The new Premier Partnering Plus will feature deep profiles of investors and strategic players that can be used to ensure attending startups get in front of the most relevant, best-fit buy side players possible.  Below is a partial list of investors who are already signed up to take part.  These investors range from family offices to major pharma players, from local funds to international cross border investors. Entrepreneurs can meet an incredible diversity of global investors at RESI Boston and continue the dialogue 6 weeks later at RESI NYC November 15.

While all attendees can use RESI Partnering to send meeting requests to attending investors, Premier Partnering Plus registrants will have a new unique tool to vet investor fits through viewing full mandate data for each investor.  This additional service will inform entrepreneurs as to what kind of opportunities these investors are most focused on, and for the first time, will also provide entrepreneurs with access to direct contact info.  In a previous edition, we took a closer look at what Premier Partnering Plus adds to the RESI experience.  If you’re already registered and would like to talk about upgrading your registration, please contact us at


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