Hot Investor Mandate 3: Global Venture Firm Invests in Early Stage Digital Health Opportunities

17 Aug

A venture capital firm with offices worldwide closed a $500M fund in 2016. The firm invests mainly in early-stage technology companies (i.e. internet, SaaS, consumer-tech, etc.) with high disruptive potential and seeks to be the first institutional investor, but dedicates a small amount of capital (about 20% of the fund) to later-stage companies as well. Typically, first checks fall in the $2-5M range in Seed to Series A rounds, but the firm has made investments as small as $250K. Overall, the firm invests in over 20 companies per year across North America and Asia. In terms of healthtech specifically, the firm makes 1-2 USA-based and 1 China-based investments per year.

In the healthcare sector, the firm is mainly interested in healthcare IT opportunities and will not consider therapeutics or medical devices. The firm will stray away from anything that involves FDA regulatory approval. Previous investments of the firm have included tools to improve physician workflow, healthcare AI applications, and wearable health trackers for a consumer market. Companies do not need to be generating revenue prior to investment.

The firm invests in private companies with strong technology and can work with different kinds of management teams that are ideally devoted full-time to the company. The firm will almost always act as the lead investor and seek board representation, staying actively involved in their portfolio companies. The firm prefers to have a syndicate of co-investors invest alongside the firm, but this is not an absolute requirement.

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