Hot Investor Mandate 4: Healthcare Firm Looks Worldwide for New Assets in Therapeutics and Imaging

7 Sep

A Chinese healthcare company focused on researching, developing, and promoting innovative medicine is looking to invest in or acquire assets that they consider interesting and unique. The firm has no set number of allocations for this upcoming year and is willing to look at opportunities from all over the globe. The firm does not require a China angle to be present when investing.

The firm is interested in therapeutics and also in devices (specifically devices related to imaging). In regard to therapeutics assets, the firm is willing to look at pre-clinical assets as well as assets that are at phase II and up. For pre-clinical assets, they require that the assets be first-in class to be considered for investment or acquisition. For phase II and up assets, the firm will analyze assets based on commercial capabilities. The majority of the firm’s current portfolio lies in the oncology, pain, and cardiovascular fields, but they are agnostic and are willing to look at other assets as well.

Companies interested in acquisition must have certain commercialization capabilities already such as a sales team and have a value of at least $200M USD. The firm also makes direct minority investments and will consider making a direct investment if they believe the company has the capability to develop the asset of interest on their own.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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