Hot Investor Mandate 3: Large VC with USA and Canada Offices Seeking Material-Based Life Science Technologies

2 Nov

A venture capital firm based in Canada with an additional USA-based office is making investments out of its vintage 2017, fourth fund and is exclusively focused on advanced materials within four verticals including energy, electronics, health and sustainability. The firm typically makes initial investments in the $1-5M range and up to $10M over the life of the investment (more or less may be initially invested depending on the deal). The firm prefers to lead deals but will also participate in a syndicate as a co-investor. With strategic LP relationships in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the firm is open to companies globally and looks to make 3-4 new investments per year.

The firm’s primary investment thesis is technology driven, breakthrough IP. Within healthcare, the firm is interested in medical devices and diagnostics whose underlying value is in the material as well as advanced materials with antibacterial properties and the like. The firm has a particular interest in 3D printing and genomics/proteomics R&D applications. The firm does not make investments in pharmaceuticals/therapeutics of any kind. Past investments have included a manufacturer of semiconductor radiation detectors enabling a new generation of detection and imaging equipment, a company developing environmentally-benign insecticides derived from compounds found in spider venom and a company developing functional surfaces with anti-microbial and anti-fouling properties.

The firm prefers to work with experienced management teams, but is open to working with less experienced entrepreneurs or incomplete management teams given the firm can add value through corporate strategy and operational experience to help accelerate development. The firm prefers to invest in revenue-generating companies but is open to evaluating pre-revenue companies as well. The firm seeks a board seat along with investment.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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