Meet The Family Offices that Invest Directly in Biotech, Medtech and Healthcare IT Startups

2 Nov

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

RESI has always aimed to feature a diverse variety of investors, and every RESI event has included a Family Offices panel discussion.  It’s proved to be a field of continuing interest for entrepreneurs, because life science companies often need the patient capital and deep connections that a family office investor can offer.  Family offices are highly idiosyncratic, and many have a specific investment strategy or area of domain expertise that guides their life science investments; in some cases, they’ve developed scientific expertise in a disease that affects a family member.  With many different motivations and strategies to deploy, these investors are an increasingly significant constituency in the life sciences.

For RESI NYC, we’ve gathered family offices that invest in several different life science verticals.  If you’d like to hear more about what they’re interested in and how they make decisions, you can join us at RESI NYC to hear from our panel moderator, Ron Paliwoda (Founder and President, Paliwoda Group), and the panelists:

  • Chuck Stetson (CEO, Stetson Family Office)
  • Sherry Grisewood (Chief Investment Officer, FoxHill Asset Management)
  • Mark Groner (Vice President, Sopris Capital)
  • Kevin Schimelfenig (Managing Partner and CEO, McGeever LLC)

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