Impact Investors and Venture Philanthropists Explain How They View Impact Opportunities

14 Dec

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

Nonprofits and foundations have long played a part in funding basic research into disease biology. However, it takes more financing and development resources for this valuable work to create new products that make an impact on patients. This has caused a trend in the philanthropic space toward investing in early stage life science ventures that have the power to transform treatment in a space of unmet need or to significantly improve health outcomes. Simultaneously, some financially-minded investors have seen the possibility of investing more meaningfully, and have chosen to put their wealth to work in venture funds that look for a ‘double bottom line’ – a good return on capital plus a positive result for the world.

At RESI San Francisco, this investment trend is showcased at the Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investment panel. This panel features both philanthropic organizations and for-profit investment funds, with focuses ranging from a rare disease with no cure to the broad goal of improving healthcare. We’re looking forward to what should be a wide-ranging discussion on how these investors find the right startup investing opportunities to fulfil their respective missions.

Moderated by John Reher, Managing Director – Brain Trust Accelerator Fund, the panelists are:

  • Debra Miller, Founder – CureDuchenne Ventures
  • Ken LaMontagne, VP, Research – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)
  • William Werkmeister, Partner, ICIF Fund – National Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Cynthia Ringo, Managing Partner – DBL Partners

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