RESI on MaRS 2017 Dynamic Statistics

18 Jan

By Chris Cummings, Senior Marketing Manager, LSN

In April 2017, RESI brought over 250 qualified life science investors to the Toronto ecosystem. The investors came from all corners of the globe; large strategic partners flew in from China to join local family offices just down the street from MaRS Discovery District. Over 900 meetings occurred over the course of the day. Taking a closer look at exactly where investors came from and who they met with confirms the global cross-pollination of early stage life science RESI fosters.

RESI, for that day, was able to expand the pool of capital in Toronto beyond Canada’s borders. About 50% of the investors who attended the event were from the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Investment firm types were far from homogenous as well. No single category of investor dominated the event, creating a platform where every fundraising company can find the capital that most accurately suits their needs.

Investors came to RESI on MaRS primarily to meet with new interesting technology. Over 80% of investor meetings were with fundraising companies.

RESI also offers a platform for fundraising companies to collaborate with relevant service providers, non-profits, and even other fundraising companies.

This data goes to show that RESI on MaRS truly offers an unparalleled platform for players in the early stage life science game to find partners from across the world, driving innovation forward and, ultimately, putting much needed treatments in the hands of patients.

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