Hot Investor Mandate 2: China-Based Pharmaceutical Seeks Various Technologies with Focus in Antivirals, Oncology, CNS, and Diabetes

1 Feb

A large pharmaceutical company based in China is fully integrated with solid infrastructures in drug development, clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing, sales and marketing in China with global perspectives. The firm currently manages two funds with over $200 million AUM and is actively seeking investment opportunities across a wide range of industries. A significant allocation of the fund is dedicated to healthcare and life sciences investments, while the rest of the fund will focus on investing in electronic materials and aluminum business. On average, the size of investment is $10M, but the firm has the capacity to invest more in companies they identify as a strong fit. The firm can invest in a broad variety of types and transaction structures including growth capital, buyouts, late-stage developments (with proof of concept), and recapitalizations. The firm looks for companies located around the globe, with a preference in the US, Europe, and Japan.

The firm is a flexible and opportunistic investor that is currently considering Therapeutics, Medical Devices, and Diagnostics. The firm is open to all kinds of sectors and indications with preferences in antivirus, oncology, neurosciences, and diabetes. The firm is open to novel medical devices of all FDA regulatory pathways, including 510k and PMA. The firm is strongly interested in medical devices. In terms of therapeutics, the firm will look at products of all stages from pre-clinical to phase I, and from phase III to on-the-market; while middle stage products might be a less focus. Regarding medical devices and diagnostics, the firm will invest at any stage of development. The firm is willing to consider companies targeting orphan indications.

The firm can invest in both private and public companies. The firm is willing to both lead and co-invest in companies located around the globe, while co-invest is their sweet spot. The firm has no specific requirements for the management team. The firm may take a board seat in applicable cases.

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