Hot Investor Mandate 1: Family Office-Connected Firm Seek Life Sciences Technologies of All Stages, With Focus on Specialty Medical Devices

15 Feb

A Canada-based firm founded in 2010 consists of a team of entrepreneurs seeking to invest in small-to-mid sized healthcare & pharmaceutical companies. The firm is open to investing in private companies at all stages from seed through growth and expansion. The firm can act as a co-investor or lead, and additionally can leverage distribution networks and partnerships across 4 continents. Typical allocations are < €25 M structured as equity, and may come from a combination of the partners' personal funds, a family office whose wealth is managed by the firm, or the firm's own fund. Portfolio companies focus on specialty pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, & ancillary health services. The firm will invest in English-speaking markets.

The firm’s specialty area is in generic pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and manufacturing and distribution of specialty medical devices. Urology and urogynecology devices, injectable medications, cardiovascular medications, dental devices, vaccines, oncology therapeutics, diagnostics, and surgical simulators are reflected in portfolio companies. The firm is open to reviewing technology in all stages of development. Devices that fit well in the focus and distribution regions of portfolio companies are of particular interest.

The firm looks for strong & accomplished management teams and above all, values innovation, transparency, integrity, execution, and fun. The firm may or may not seek a board seat depending on the structure of the allocation.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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