Building a Life Science Startup Community on Linkedin

1 Mar

By Sean Tran, Business Development Manager, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN) just revamped its LinkedIn profile in an effort to help life science startups engage with potential investors! With the growing impact of social media, we aim to create another avenue to build connections with early-stage life science players and offer content relevant to our growing community.

On the primary LSN profile, we will post the hottest investor mandates from our LSN Database, latest news about the life science industry, and updates on the Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) conference series.

LSN has also created a separate RESI Conference group on LinkedIn to help past and new attendees stay connected with one another. Through this channel, members can promote their companies, announce updates on the development of their technologies, build relationships with other like-minded members, and collectively move the needle in the life sciences.

We hope you will connect with us and help us build a startup community that can make an impact on the life science industry!

Please click here to explore and follow our page.

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