Upcoming Webinar: Source, Vet, and Rank Life Science Technology Assets

8 Mar

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN; Creator of RESI Series
Dr. William Kohlbrenner, CSO, LSN


There is a highly competitive search underway for promising early-stage assets as pharma and medtech companies around the globe seek to fill their pipelines with new products through in-licensing. In the past, successful in-licensing strategies typically required well-funded, fast-moving business development teams, strong research capabilities and on-the-ground scouts deployed in top technology centers. However, these investments do not always guarantee success in today’s highly competitive environment where the ability to uncover and aggressively pursue novel product opportunities is key. In addition, companies without the resources to build global business development teams or Asian companies seeking to access emerging technologies in the US/Europe can find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

To help address these challenges, Life Science Nation (LSN) has developed a Sourcing and Ranking Service (SRS) which provides clients with a strategic opportunity to quickly source, vet, rank and engage with early-stage partners developing technology assets that are available for in-licensing. LSN’s unique position in the early stage space, and the range of capabilities we have developed, provide a strong foundation for SRS. By leveraging the LSN global partnering platform and our extensive experience assessing technology assets, SRS will efficiently find and do a preliminary risk analysis of promising assets, thus enabling our clients to quickly focus on top-tier assets that align with their interests. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with a service that allows them to bypass the research and technology vetting stages and position them to enter into diligence with the owners of the technologies in which they are interested. Most importantly, LSN brings global capabilities, which allows us to take on clients interested in any commercial market. SRS has built-in flexibility, which means clients can ‘pivot on the fly’ as they learn more about the early-stage domains of interest.

LSN has developed a unique process that works with the client’s strategic pipeline goals. Starting with a detailed assessment of the client’s investment interests, LSN will conduct a global search for assets within that interest area. LSN’s Expert Ranking System will then be used to stack-rank assets based on technical and business criteria (80 to 100 assets anticipated). By playing a global numbers game, our clients have access to a larger pool of technologies, which casts a wider net and allows the identification of top technologies for in-licensing. LSN will conduct a detailed assessment of the companies holding the top 10 to 20 assets. Clients will have access to an on-line ‘data vault’ with all asset information. By merging LSN database search results with Salesforce.com, we offer our clients a customized CRM solution. Every client is provided with a transparent cloud-based portal that provides real-time project status and views into ongoing dialogues with all the potential firms involved in the process. Clients rave about having this 24/7 connectivity to the CRM and feel they are a part of the process.

You can register for this webinar at the links below:

Tuesday March 27th, 10:00pm EDT

Wednesday March 28th, 9:00am EDT

Thursday March 29th, 1:00pm EDT


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