RESI on MaRS Panel Announcement: Venture Philanthropy

29 Mar

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN


RESI endeavors to bring a diverse pool of investors to each of our events for early stage life science companies. Among them are venture philanthropic foundations whose profound expertise within their targeted disease areas makes them great resources for any entrepreneur looking to work within their areas of expertise. Additionally, venture philanthropic investors tend to focus on assets at an earlier stage than typical VCs, with the aim of helping new treatments traverse the infamous “Valley of Death.”

LSN is pleased to announce a panel of five venture philanthropic investors for the upcoming RESI on MaRS this April 10th in Toronto. In this panel, these investors will explain their unique strategies and expertise, and entrepreneurs can learn how to find and work with a venture philanthropy investor in their domain. RESI attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from:

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