Hot Investor Mandate 3: Joint Initiative Launched by a Leading Pharma and VC Firm Invests in Digital Health Companies with USA Focus

7 Jun

A digital health investment company launched in 2016 by a leading pharma and venture capital firm in the industry focuses on the digital health space ranging from therapeutics to diagnostic solutions in areas such as: precision medicine, behavioral health, wearables, and data analytics. The firm is seeking to make 6-8 new investments within the next two years. The firm’s investments range dependent on the opportunity, and focuses on investing in Seed to Series A rounds. For earlier stage companies, the firm has the ability to both lead and co-invest. The firm focuses on companies based in the U.S., but is open to invest globally.

The firm focuses on digital health technologies and solutions that aim to improve patient care and lifestyle. The firm is especially interested in technology with a software component, such as those that control patient care through monitoring medications and therapies, as well as technology with a big data component. The firm will only look at devices if they have an information component and/or generate data. The firm is also interested in technology with machine-learning applications. The firm is not interested in pure EMR or hospital IT systems. Based on all the criteria, the firm is indication agnostic.

The firm is a very active investor that seeks to be fully involved in their portfolio companies. The firm will take a board seat after the investment and will help companies fill management teams, if necessary.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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