Hot Investor Mandate 2: Sister Fund to USA-Based Biotech Focused Investment Firm Invests Up to $20M in Therapeutics, Medical Devices with Strong China Angle

14 Jun

A newly established sister fund to a USA based biotech focused fund looks to fund companies either based in China or with a strong China angle. The firm will invest 60-70% of its funds in therapeutics, with the rest in medical devices. For most of its investments, the firm will invest around $20M in Seed to Series A rounds for a majority stake in the company, in addition to taking active part in the company. Occasionally, the firm will make a minority investment in a company, no later than Series B, but is by no means a passive investor. The firm is looking for companies with technologies either in development or in clinical trials, unless based in China, in which case the company’s lead candidate must already be in clinical trials.

While fairly agnostic to subsector and indication, the firm is interested in therapeutics and medical devices that are relevant to the Chinese market. Of particular interest are technologies related to oncology indications common to China, ophthalmic indications, neurodegenerative diseases, and women’s health and fertility.

The firm is looking to take a majority share in most of its portfolio companies, followed by active involvement in company management. In all cases the firm looks to be an active investor. The company must have a China angle, whether it has headquarters or offices there, or is pursuing the Chinese market or clinical trials in China.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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