Venture Arm of Large Pharma Invests Up to $19M in Medical Device and Diagnostic Companies in Cardiovascular, Metabolic Diseases, etc.

9 Aug

A venture arm of a large pharmaceutical makes equity investments in life science companies, typically in venture rounds. The firm invests at a wide range of product development phases, from preclinical development (up to 18 months away from the first in-human clinical trials) to products that have received regulatory approval, but typically does not invest in products that are on the market. The fund is open to considering investments globally. The firm makes highly varied investments, with a range from $250,000-$19 million.

The firm invests in areas that are strategically important to the parent company in the medical device and diagnostic sectors. The firm’s medical device interests include cardiovascular devices (traditional vascular, endovascular, arterial, venous, fistula formation, BTK, CLI, neurovascular, structural heart, transcatheter, mitral, pulmonary, EP ablation and afibulation, and implantable cardio devices such as pacers and sensors), diabetes devices (including glucose monitors, new sensing technologies, and other insulin management devices such as pumps), neuromodulation devices (primarily spinal cord stimulators and DBS). Within neuromodulation, the firm is interested in all indication areas that can be impacted by the technology. In diagnostics, the firm is focused on molecular diagnostics, core lab diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, and blood bank testing. In point of care diagnostics, the firm is generally only interested in opportunities that offer a broad panel of tests or which are very specific to a certain setting. The firm is also highly interested in diagnostics for traumatic brain injury and concussion. The firm is also interested in imaging technologies and digital technologies that relate to their core areas.

The firm will invest at any stage of development prior to commercialization; the firm may also consider investing in products that are commercialized overseas but not in the USA.

The firm invests only in privately-held companies, but has no other fixed requirements for companies & management teams. As an investor that provides resources and value in addition to capital, the firm may attach some form of rights to investments, but do not use investment structures that will become a hindrance to the portfolio companies.

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