RESI NYC 2018 Panel Announcement: Asia Cross-Border Investors

25 Oct

By Claire Jeong, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


It is evident that the amount of cross-border investments in life sciences companies are only continuing to increase with time. An increasing number of investors and pharmaceuticals are actively searching for investment, licensing, and other partnering opportunities, but for many entrepreneurs it is still challenging to get in front of such groups. Currently, the LSN Investor Platform tracks 388 active investors who are headquartered in Asia, with the numbers hovering over 400 when including groups that have set up main offices outside of Asia (i.e. USA or Europe).

For several years, each RESI Conference has been dedicating at least one panel to showcase investors who are based in Asia or have a significant footprint in Asia. It is important to realize that the amount of value add they provide exceeds far beyond capital. Essentially, these groups strive to be long-term partners in helping their companies achieve scalability, helping companies with understanding the Asia market landscape and the regulatory hurdles associated with their technology.

If you are coming to RESI NYC, you will be able to hear from 5 seasoned experts who currently invest and partner with early-stage life science innovations from 3:00 – 3:50 pm!

This session will be moderated by Jean Yao, Founder & Managing Partner, Med Qiao Group LLC, and our panelists for this session are:


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