Hot Investor Mandate: Global Biotech with Europe HQ Seeks to Partner with Early-Stage Therapeutic Assets in Oncology, Rare Diseases, and CNS that Address High Unmet Medical Need

21 Nov

A global biotech headquartered in Europe with multiple R&D facilities across the USA and Western Europe has several marketed products in oncology, rare diseases, and neurosciences and has global commercial and development capabilities. The Company is actively seeking to expand its pipeline by working with early stage biotechs and academic groups. The Company is open to a variety of deal structures and seeks to construct deals that maximize the potential of the therapeutic program by leveraging the capabilities of all partners involved while meeting the needs of the entrepreneur/startup. The Company is also an anchor investor in a newly launched venture fund that will have an associated accelerator which will start / fund project focused companies to work in close partnership with their R&D team. This fund will add additional flexibility in the Company’s ability to work with the early stage biotech and academic communities.

The Company is focused on enhancing its pipeline with oncology, rare disease, and select neuroscience drug assets. The Company is interested in highly differentiated late stage pre-clinical and clinical stage therapeutic candidates with strong scientific rationale targeting indications with significant unmet medical need.

The Company has no strict requirements for companies or management teams and looks to work creatively and collaboratively on partnerships with early-stage companies. The Company is open to opportunities/companies on a global basis.

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