Hot Investor Mandate: Venture Arm of Large USA Corporate Invests $5-30M in Healthcare Investment Opportunities

21 Nov

A large corporate’s strategic venture arm is focused on venture and growth stage investments in several verticals including healthcare, IT and energy. The group will make investments from $5M-$30M and is very flexible with structure and size, with approximately 80% of investments in the form of equity and the other 20% in debt. The group will both lead or co-invest and typically seeks board representation although it is not a requirement. The group is focused on companies in the United States, but may look at some international opportunities in select geographies.

The firm is interested in medical devices, healthcare services, digital health, and biopharma and the group is looking for de-risked opportunities in these areas. In the medical device space, the group is interested in devices that have achieved FDA approval and have reimbursement established. Digital health/healthcare IT companies should have commercial traction and a minimum of 10-20 paying customers. The group is looking for healthcare services companies that have proven their business model and are in need of growth capital. In the biopharma space, the group avoids opportunities with binary scientific, development, or clinical risk and is interested in areas such as specialty pharma, outsourced services, platform technologies, etc.

The firm places a large emphasis on high quality management teams and will work with companies with an incomplete management team as long as the key members of management are in place and have significant experience/expertise in the area they are pursuing.

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