AI, Remote Monitoring, Augmented Reality – Meet Israeli Digital Health Startups At RESI SF

20 Dec

By Tomer Epstein, Head of Medical Device & Digital Health, Israel Export Institute

With the RESI SF event during JPM week less than 3 weeks away the Israel Export Institute and the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast are excited to partner with LSN and attend their annual event, RESI, one of the most prestigious investment events in the states, bringing over 500 investors under one roof.

We are bringing a delegation of 11 companies to join the RESI conference at JPM week. These companies are truly a good representation of Israel’s Digital Health Nation, showcasing technologies and solutions in: Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Medicine, Remote Monitoring, Decision Support Systems and more.

Israel’s Digital Health industry has its roots in a long history of using innovative communication technologies to improve healthcare delivery. With more than 25 years of expertise in implementing health IT, electronic medical records and business analytics; today, our Government is investing strongly in IT thus putting Israeli expertise in international demand.

The number of companies in the Israeli Digital Health sector has risen substantially in recent years, reaching more than 450 companies in 2018, all of which provide Digital Health services that can be delivered through the web or mobile and can improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Below are the companies that are attending RESI SF as part of the Israeli delegation – if you are interested in learning more, reach out to them on the partnering platform. Also, if you would like to learn more about the startups and technologies being developed in Israel, stop by the Israel Export Institute and Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast table in the exhibit hall!

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, supported by member firms, private sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export-oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, the Institute helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships.

The Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry manages and supports Israel’s international trade and trade policy. Through our headquarters in Jerusalem together with over 45 economic and trade missions in key financial centers throughout the world, the FTA promotes Israel’s economy worldwide.

Meet the Delegation:

Augmedics is an Israeli startup company developing the xvision™ – an Augmented-Reality head-mounted display for spine surgery. xvision™ allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue, as if they had “X-Ray Vision”, and to navigate their instruments securely without averting their eyes from their patient.

Datos helps healthcare organizations transform patient care, by better managing the overwhelming amount of digital data generated outside the hospital (e.g. Patient Generated Health Data), on a large scale at a fraction of current costs.

DayTwo is the leading Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine company, developing personalized nutrition, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning on microbial genomics, human traits, and disease.

Emedgene is the world’s first completely automated genetic interpretation platform. Emedgene uses NLP to ‘read’ new genetic research, and runs machine learning discovery algorithms on its always up-to-date knowledge base. By automating research, Emedgene can pinpoint causative genetic variants for a clear path to clinical decisions. Health organizations use Emedgene to scale personalized care.

The EyeControl is the first wearable, simple to use screen less medical device. The AI powered eye tracking technology enables locked-in/ventilated patients to communicate anytime, anywhere via eye movements. The EyeControl is improving the method of communication at home and in hospitals/rehabilitation centers between the patient and their medical staff/family.

IMedis AI is a medical imaging analysis company on a mission to revolutionize disease detection practices and improve clinical outcomes. Their first application examines all CT scans preformed and enables the detection of most common types of cancer precursors, thus improving early detection rates, survival rates and saving costs.

Medorion is developing a patient engagement platform to help Managed Care Organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns. The platform uses behavioral based rules and AI to predict the best persuasion strategy for each member based on their clinical/claims history and executes this strategy through various digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, email, text messages and more.

Novotalk is an online, on-demand (asynchronous), self-directed tele therapy solution, which allows those with speech impairments to learn, practice, gain, and maintain comprehensible speech remotely, independently, and discretely. Novotalk removes the main barriers to superior and reliable therapy: accessibility, availability, and affordability.

Nucleai is an AI Healthcare startup in pathology domain aim to improve cancer diagnostics making it accurate, effective, accessible and efficient in order to treat patients better. Our core technology is AI based on advanced Machine Learning and Machine Vision algorithms.

Odoro – Digital Patient Access & Smart Scheduling Platform automates the patient access process in order to improve patient journey and increase utilization across multiple points of access – Self Scheduling, Intake, Call Center and Referral Management. Using a proprietary provider data management platform and patient engagement tools, Odoro unifies and streamlines patient related processes and perfect patient-provider matching for better care and higher patient satisfaction.

Uniper helps the elderly “thrive in place” in a dignified, connected, and fun way.  The company promotes active aging through its accessible, AI-based IoT technology. The platform enables the elderly to keep doing what they love, at home, without having to change habits or adopt new technologies or devices

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