Hot Investor Mandate: California-Based VC Firm Invests in Early to Growth-Stage Healthcare Companies, With Strongest Interest in Digital Health Technologies

20 Dec

A California-based firm manages two active funds for both early-stage and growth investments. The firm is interested in investing in early-growth stage healthcare companies; the firm primarily invests in North America, but will consider opportunities worldwide. The firm typically makes Series A investments of ~$5-15M and Series B or later stage investments of ~$20-25 million. The firm is generally a lead investor, but will also enter syndicates with other major investors.

The firm is primarily interested in opportunities across digital health, transformational health IT, and biotech. In digital health, the firm focuses on technologies and services used by consumers or by enterprise/employers; in other categories, the firm has spent time, the firm’s interests include computational tools such as drug discovery tools and back-end solutions that can be used by companies in the clinical trial process during development of new drugs or devices. While the firm typically invests in companies that already have revenue, the firm may consider investing in prerevenue companies provided they have proven product-market fit by other means, such as securing key partnerships.

The firm invests primarily in US-based companies, but considers opportunities in other markets.

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