Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate Venture Firm Seeks to Invest Broadly Across Life Sciences, with Strongest Interests in Novel Drug Delivery Systems

3 Jan

A corporate venture arm of a leading electronic solutions provider looks at life sciences as one of their main focus areas. The firm focuses on strategic investments in which the corporate could bring significant value, and those that supplement the corporate’s business areas. The firm invests up to $10M over the lifetime of the company, usually between Series A to C rounds but looks even earlier for life science-related opportunities. The firm usually invests around $5M initially and reserves capital for follow-on investment. The corporate has a global footprint, with manufacturing plants throughout USA, China, and Thailand. The firm is open to global opportunities including those in rapidly growing markets like China and India. The firm is expecting to close 3 new investments in Q1 2019.

Within the early-stage life sciences ecosystem, the firm is most interested in novel drug delivery systems with target indications including oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, and COPD. The firm also has a strong interest in technologies with a connected health component. The firm is open to all early-stage opportunities that are relevant to the firm’s focus areas, but those who do not yet have a working prototype would be considered too early for the firm. The firm is open to all classes of devices including 510k and PMA.

The firm can act as either the lead or co-investor. The firm would prefer to see companies that already have some sort of commercial engagement established. The firm aims to bring strategic value into their portfolio companies, such as working on product design and development. If the company already has such manufacturing partnership established, it is unlikely for the firm to invest in the company.

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