Hot Investor Mandate: USA Venture Capital Firm Invests in Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Digital Health Technologies with Interests in Oncology, Immunology, and Diabetes

3 Jan

An investment firm with offices in the West and East Coasts invests in startups in highly regulated industries, including healthcare. The firm is interested in making investments at the seed and early venture stages; seed investments are typically $1-3 million. The firm invests globally.

The firm invests in digital health, and the firm is also interested in investing in early stage therapeutics. In the digital health space, the firm is primarily focused on technologies used by consumers/patients, and prefers to invest in companies that have revenues of at least $1 million or several customers and demonstrated product/market fit. In therapeutics, the firm is interested in preclinical technologies; the firm is open to investing in any therapeutic modality including cell and gene therapies. The firm is interested in oncology, immunology and diabetes, and will consider investing in other indication areas as well; however, antibiotics are not of interest. The firm may also consider investing in novel molecular diagnostics, provided there is a strong scientific component to the technology.

The firm is focused on investing in early stage companies, and typically invests in startups with under 15 staff. The firm focuses on finding the right team and the right science, and is interested in investing in early stage therapeutics in order to fund those companies through proof of concept studies.

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