Interview with Novotalk, 1st Place in the Innovation Challenge

31 Jan


Zohar Beeri

An interview with Zohar Beeri, Chairman & CEO, Novotalk

– By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Karen Deyo

Imagine you speak with a stutter. You take a speech therapy class, and it works! The stutter is gone. However, the symptoms start to come back, and you realize that only continuous practice will maintain your progress. So you create an app for that. This was the beginning of Novotalk, which aims to be a full-service speech therapy digital platform, helpful for all types of speech therapy, accessible to patients 24/7 and eliminating the need for office visits. This technology would allow patients to practice when they need it, would give measurable outcomes and could alter treatment strategies if necessary, to improve efficacy. I spoke with Zohar, who, along with his colleagues Lilach and Jonathan, generated a lot of excitement around Novotalk’s technology, winning 1st place in the Innovation Challenge at RESI SF on Jan 8th.

Karen Deyo (KD): Congratulations Zohar on winning the IC. How was your first experience at RESI?

Zohar Beeri (ZB): Before coming to RESI, one of my colleagues was a bit skeptical, but at the end of the day, we all thought it was great! Having a conference dedicated to early-stage investing, with the speed-dating style meetings was very useful for making a lot of good connections with investors. There is no other event like it.

KD: Did you get many good meetings, both through partnering and at your poster? Are you following up with any that you met?

ZB: We had many good meetings on the day of the conference. In addition, we ended up scheduling meetings outside of RESI, either during JPM week or a conference call at a later date with investors who had full schedules. We are following up with quite a few investors, including an investor that I met by chance during the cocktail hour – a lot of people have, or know someone who has, personal experience with the challenges of speech impediments, and they are very interested in our technology and how much of a difference we can make in these people’s lives.

KD: What was your strategy for the Innovation Challenge – how were you so successful?

ZB: We made it a challenge! If we were not in meetings, we were at our poster. We would go out to the area with refreshments and bring people back to our poster to showcase our technology. We would then ask them to invest their ‘RESI Cash,’ pointing out how our technology peaked their interest.

KD: That sounds like a great strategy. Thanks, Zohar!


About Novotalk

Imagine if you could go online and get the best voice, speech, and language therapy, at any time, from any place, and on any device, receiving quality and dependable care at an affordable price.

Presenting Novotalk, the speech clinic of the future, and the future is what Novotalk is delivering now.

Novotalk eliminates the peripheral burden of care and allows patients to concentrate on the most important thing – a successful outcome of the therapy.

Novotalk is a platform that is introducing validated speech and language therapeutic protocols to the online world, available 24/7 for people to sign up and undergo therapy. No more standing in traffic and parking, spending endless time scheduling, losing work days. All of this at a more affordable out-of-pocket cost. A Novotalk virtual clinician takes users through the learning and training process, enabling the supervising “real” clinicians to focus on measurable and accurate outcomes, work more efficiently, and help more people in less time.

Novotalk removes the main barriers to superior and reliable therapy: accessibility, availability, and affordability.

Novotalk provides the only known end to end asynchronous solution which is not dependent on the availability, accessibility or affordability of a clinician to provide a complete therapy experience.

It is the ONLY solution built completely as a SOLUTION for the patients and not as a TOOL for clinicians.


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