Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate VC Arm of Global Insurance Company Seeks to Invest in Disruptive Healthcare Technologies

7 Feb

A corporate venture capital arm of a leading global insurance company headquartered in Western Europe will generally allocate $1-5M for up to 20% equity stake, and selectively does convertible financing as well. The firm does not invest strictly for financial returns and seeks a strategic relationship with the companies they invest in. The firm  will typically participate in Series A and B rounds. The firm anticipates 4-5 investments per year, although this number is subject to fluctuate depending on deal flow. The firm will invest in technologies that will impact regions where the firm has a footprint.

In the life sciences space, the firm seeks innovative technologies that can disrupt and transform the future of insurance. The firm will not consider therapeutics or biopharma opportunities. Any technology with implications to the insurance industry will be considered, including smart diagnostics, genomics, etc. Previously, the firm has expressed interest in technology that helps with chronic disease management and considered telemedicine companies as well. In terms of diagnostics, the firm expects the technology to be undergoing promising clinical trials that contribute to its validation. For companies that fall into the digital health sector, the firm expects some ongoing traction and key partnerships to be in place.

The firm seeks to work with companies backed by a full management team with strong industry expertise. Ideally, the team will have a strong life sciences background and an experienced advisory team, with good understanding of how their product or technology works. The firm can act as the lead or co-investor and will most likely take a board seat if they were to lead.

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