LSN’s Marathon of Europe Fundraising Boot Camps Continues – First Checkpoint

7 Feb

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

LSN’s journey to spread the word about the first RESI conference in Europe, taking place on March 25th in Vienna has been a great success. With three Fundraising Boot Camps in France and Sweden, followed by one in Denmark tomorrow, it has been an exciting week! The reception of these boot camps has been amazing, with high attendance and a lot of good interaction with the companies.

The workshop emphasized the need to look beyond regional resources, and tap in to the global ecosystem of investors and strategic partners. Of course there are a myriad of challenges to overcome to successfully enter the global stage.  It can be difficult, but necessary, to break out beyond normal protocol and be more aggressive in outreach to investors. It is important to remember that a fundraising executive has to go and actively chase the opportunities, they are not simply waiting to be caught.

Dennis Ford, CEO of LSN, at Copenhagen Bio Science Park

The race to find funding can be a long journey, and companies should not expect it to last only six months. The entire process generally takes from 9-18 months – it’s a full-time commitment that involves more than just going to a conference or two a year.  This is why the RESI conference series is such a powerful tool – with the ability to attend up to five conferences a year, it is a great way to build and maintain relationships with investors and strategic partners.

Last, but not least, Boot Camp attendees learned that it’s never too early to start fundraising they want you on their radar screens. Fundraising is ultimately a numbers game, and meeting with investors sooner rather than later can help you hone your message and get an idea of what issues you may need to address to fully capture an investor’s interest, and, hopefully, to secure their funding.

Click the image to learn more about the agenda

We will be continuing this journey, with a boot camp in Spain at the University of Barcelona Science Park next week. This will be followed by three boot camps in Israel, taking place in Ra’anana at Sanara Ventures, in Haifa at MindUP and in Nazareth at NGT3. The following week, we will be back in Europe with boot camps in Heidelberg at BioRN, in Basel and in Brussels. For more information on the boot camps in Israel, please reach out to Karen Deyo at and for more information on the boot camps in Europe, please reach out to George Kamphaus at





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