Hot Investor Mandate: PE Firm Invests Up to $25M in Disruptive Medical Device Technologies, with More Selective Interest in Diagnostics and Digital Health

14 Mar

A private equity investment firm seeks early stage companies to form and establish, as well as investing to bridge the gap between late stage companies in Israel and companies with sales activity in the U.S. and Europe (“platforms”). For early-stage companies, the firm typically invests from a few $100K to a couple million per company; for platforms/late stage, the firm usually invest up to $25M per company; and may syndicate for more capital if required. The firm invests in two platform deals and one early-stage company per year. The firm is interested in companies based in the U.S., Europe, or Israel.

The firm is interested in medical devices only. The firm is agnostic to disease indication and is not interested in pharmaceuticals. The firm may be interested in the diagnostics and digital health space, though is quite selective in these opportunities. For early-stage opportunities, the firm is interested in disruptive technologies at IP and/or preclinical stage. In the past, the firm has invested in diabetes, obesity, heart failure, structural heart, pulmonary hypertension, currently looking at neurology and urology, and is open to new areas of focus. For late-stage/platform companies, the firm is interested in those that have sales between $30-70M as well as sales organization in different fields within the company’s space.

For early stage investment, the firm does not have a management team requirement, as it has the capability to invest in technology and IP alone and build the team around it. The firm is very active post investment by taking more than just a board seat, the firm gets very involved in the company formation and development.

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