Interview with M2D2: How Global Tech Hubs Showcase Startups to Investors at RESI

4 Apr

Mary Ann Picard

An interview with Mary Ann Picard, COO of the M2D2 Incubator

– By Greg Mannix, VP of International Business Development, LSN

Greg Mannix

One of the clear trends in Life Science funding is that investors are taking a keen interest in earlier and earlier-stage companies. Some investors will put money in at a very early stage, while others will come in a bit later, but what is very clear is that they all want to identify the most significant new technology breakthroughs in the life sciences and put those companies on their radar as soon as possible.

A majority of these hot, early-stage technologies are being developed in tech hubs all around the world. The Redefining Early-Stage Investments (RESI) conference series is an excellent opportunity for these Tech Hubs to gain visibility among investors who will want to track the technologies being incubated and accelerated in their facilities. This is why at LSN we have made a purposeful effort to create a nexus between these two key players in the life science ecosystem.

I recently spoke to Mary Ann Picard, COO at Massachusetts Medical Device Development (M2D2) Center about how RESI plays a part in the success of her program and its constituent companies.

Greg Mannix: First of all, I consider M2D2 a perfect example of a Tech Hub. Could you give me some context as to what M2D2 is?

Mary Ann Picard: M2D2 is an incubator program for medical device and biotech early stage startup companies. M2D2 is a joint project with UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School. No affiliation with UMass is required and no equity taken. Resident companies have access to a whole host of university resources and mentors.

GM: M2D2 has participated in several RESI conferences with a table in the Exhibition Hall. How does that visibility benefit your project?

MAP: The visibility is extremely beneficial for us. It helps us maintain a pipeline of resident companies and it provides ample opportunity to meet potential investors and industry partners.

GM: Did you meet with any early-stage investors while at RESI? If so, what is your goal for these meetings?

MAP: Yes, we did. Our goal is to match them up with early stage startups in their specific areas of expertise.

GM: By virtue of your presence at RESI, M2D2’s constituent companies have been able to attend the conference at a discounted price. Is this an opportunity that your companies have taken advantage of?

MAP:  Yes, they have taken advantage of the discounted price on several occasions.

GM: Any other observations?

MAP:  RESI provides a setup that is supportive to startups and conducive to establishing investor and business relationships.

With years of both business development and fundraising experience, Mary Ann Picard’s objective is to combine these areas of expertise to establish interaction among entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, industry, investors, state agencies and others to contribute to a rich entrepreneurial business ecosystem in the Commonwealth.

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