Hot Investor Mandate: Family Office Firm Makes Seed Investments in Companies Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease and Clinical Trial/Basic Research Tools

11 Apr

A venture capital fund backed by a family-office makes seed and early-stage equity investments; typical seed investments are of $250,000-500,000 initially with the potential for follow-on financing of up to $3 million of total exposure in any single opportunity. The firm is open to opportunities worldwide but has a preference for domestic investment; the fund currently has portfolio companies mostly in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

The firm’s Life Sciences portfolio comprises ~30% of the total fund commitments, and is divided into two core categories. The first area of focus is Alzheimer’s Disease, where therapeutics (primary), diagnostics (secondary) and other solutions (tertiary) are all valid for consideration. The second area of investment is in technologies that enhance, accelerate, or reduce the cost of clinical trials and basic research, on the broadest scale, beyond Alzheimer’s Disease. This may include hardware and software tools, data analytics or aggregators, or novel approaches to current standards and protocols.

The firm seeks to make early-stage investments, but will also consider later-stage opportunities. The firm’s prior investments include drug discovery for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, a diagnostic to track and recruit patients in early cognitive decline, a tablet-enabled benchtop microscope, an automated imaging tool for micro-dissection of tissue samples, and a platform looking to reinvent the model for pre-human drug testing and development. The fund also has a global partnership to develop intellectual property into potential compound candidates to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

The firm strongly prefers to invest in privately held companies and will only back top scientists with defendable research, pursuing breakthrough approaches rather than traditional. In their Alzheimer’s portfolio, the fund looks to identify early-stage therapies that have received, and exhausted, non-dilutive sources of funding, such as grants from leading organizations; these companies will ideally be on the radar of large pharma counterparts but looking to obtain additional funds to collect the data required to form pharmaceutical partnerships. In the medical technology sector, The firm prefers to invest in companies developing platform technologies that can demonstrate and defend a clear value proposition addressing the ability to make clinical trials more efficient.

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