The Power of Partnering at RESI

9 May

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

The Redefining Early-Stage Investments (RESI) conference has become the point of reference in the global early-stage funding space. In fact, RESI has grown from one conference in 2013 to five conferences around North America in 2018, with a steady growth in the number of attendees. In 2019, RESI is expanding to both Europe and Asia.

Although everybody agrees that the quality of the Investor Panels and Workshops at RESI is excellent, and the Innovation and Pitch Challenges attract a fantastic turnout of some of the hottest new companies from seed to series B, the true draw of the RESI conference is the one-on-one partnering powered by RESI’s proprietary Partnering Platform.

What immediately comes to mind is the opportunity for fundraising CEOs to meet with potential investors to secure funding for the progress of their projects. And while this is the core of the conference, there are many other valuable connections going on that are equally necessary and beneficial to move the needle in the industry:  investors meeting with other investors to discuss collaboration and investment syndicates; service providers discussing novel and unique services to aid companies in their development; regional organizations, tech hubs, research institutions and others who play a key role to better the life science ecosystem. RESI is a meeting spot for all of this activity.

Breakdown of meeting types at RESI:

Most would imagine that it is always the fundraising companies who reach out in the most compelling way possible to the investors and strategic partners with whom they hope to land a meeting. So, you might be surprised to know that, in many cases, the investors and strategics take the initiative to meet with the companies developing technologies that fit with their investment mandate.

The power of partnering, in all its diversity, is what has made RESI the most efficient forum for moving the needle in early-stage funding in the life science arena. We hope to see you in Philadelphia on June 3rd!

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