Regional Spotlight: “First Coast”

18 Jul

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

The 2019 RESI Boston Fall conference will again feature the First Coast Innovators’ Gathering, showcasing the hottest new technologies being developed in the tech hubs from the Northeast Corridor region—from Boston to DC—which we have denominated the “First Coast”.

This unique region is truly moving the needle in the life sciences, and the numbers show it. The region is extraordinary in many ways: total investment dollars in life sciences companies, grant awards by the National Institutes of Health, number of top incubator and accelerator programs, world-class medical facilities, etc.

The region was number one in the world in total biopharma investments and series A investments in the space, and near the top in medical devices and diagnostics.*

19 of top 50 NIH grant recipient institutions in 2018 were in the First Coast Region, receiving over $2.3 billion in awards**
*SVB 2019 Annual Report
**Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, June 4th, 2019

First Coast Innovators Gathering

Investors are looking to identify the hottest new technologies at earlier and earlier stages of development, which is why we got such positive feedback about the first edition of the Innovators’ Gathering at RESI Boston 2018. Tech hubs from DC to Boston gathered at RESI and exhibited information about their programs and cutting-edge companies.  Investors and strategic partners were able to get to know many of the tech hubs from the region and interact with their staff and companies who were attending.

Likewise, tech hubs necessarily aim to nurture and grow their networks of key players in the life sciences ecosystem in order to offer the most value to their constituents. The Innovators’ Gathering provides a perfect platform to accomplish this.

“The visibility is extremely beneficial for us. It helps us maintain a pipeline of resident companies and it provides ample opportunity  to meet potential investors and industry partners.”

Mary Ann Picard, COO at M2D2 Incubator

Another benefit of the Gathering is that it gives the earliest stage companies—companies that are working out of these tech hubs—access to the RESI conference at a discounted price.  All of these tech hub constituent companies can apply to compete in the Innovators’ Pitch Challenge, an opportunity to pitch to a panel of 5 investors and be able to follow up with them after the conference.

This year we will host the second edition of the First Coast Innovators’ Gathering, and we look forward to welcoming back the amazing tech hubs and their constituent companies that made the first edition such a success. RESI Boston and the Innovators’ Gathering will be held on September 11th at the Westin Copley Hotel.

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