Hot Investor Mandate: Europe Fund Invests Opportunistically in Life Science Deals

25 Jul

A venture capital firm with offices across Europe is investing from a EUR 120 million fund raised in 2019. The firm makes equity investments in early-to-late stage therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices companies. The firm can generally allocate between €2M to €10M. The firm only invests in companies that are based in Central and Western Europe. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm is very opportunistic in the life sciences space. The firm focuses on therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices companies and is also interested in digital health. The firm targets therapeutic products in clinical trials or which are ready to enter Phase I, and medical devices which are CE Mark ready. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. However, the firm does not invest in cosmetics and dental devices. The firm strongly prefers companies developing products that address a highly unmet medical need. In digital health, the firm prefers to invest in products that have or are pursuing regulatory approval to monitor or treat a condition in which there is an unmet medical need. Generally these products will include both a hardware and a software component. The firm is not interested in consumer or lifestyle health products.

The firm plays the role of lead or co-lead investor in the large majority of its financing rounds. The firm requires a board seat in its portfolio companies. The firm seeks a company with a strong and qualified management team.

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