Tech Hubs in the Spotlight at RESI Boston 2019

25 Jul

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

We are in the age of the incubator. Sprouting up in biotech hubs such as Boston, around universities and research hospitals at a rapid rate — these facilities are intended to help entrepreneurs take those difficult first steps. With new technologies developing at an accelerated rate, it just makes sense. Starting your own company is risky, bootstrapping is even riskier. An incubator serves to soften this risk and give budding entrepreneurs some of the support and advice they need to make their company a success.

With investors and strategic partners looking earlier, either for partnerships or to keep an eye on potential future investments, it only made sense to incorporate these tech hubs into our ecosystem, creating a special segment for them at our RESI Conference in Boston last fall.

In September of 2018 LSN launched our first ever “First Coast Innovators’ Gathering” at RESI. We invited incubators, accelerators, tech transfer or regional organizations based on the East Coast from DC to Boston to not only exhibit their programs but to bring their constituents to meet with the early stage investors at RESI. These tech hubs could benefit from the exposure they receive, form relationships with investors who may be interested in their portfolio companies, while the constituents could meet potential investors or even form relationships for the future and get investor feedback on what they need to become more relevant.

To great success, LSN has incorporated a tech hub component into every conference since. RESI will be back in Boston on Sept. 11th, and joining us will be the second First Coast Innovators’ Gathering will be the following tech hubs:


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