RESI Boston Partnering is Open: Here’s How to Get Investor Meetings

15 Aug

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

The Partnering Platform for RESI Boston is open! Take advantage of this powerful resource to identify and schedule meetings with investors, strategic partners, service providers or other companies in your space. It is a unique platform, with a lot of information on attending people and organizations that you won’t find at other conferences. If you learn how to leverage its capabilities, you can get excellent meetings at RESI with players who are a fit for you, cutting through the white noise of sending out blind meeting invitations.

So with Partnering up and running, what’s the best way to get meetings with the right investors for your startup?

    • Use RESI Partnering’s customized search filters.  First, you can filter attendees by type: if your goal is to raise a financing round, click on ‘Investors’ to focus your search.  The other filters allow you to narrow down to investors who focus on startups like yours.  Here are some of the most important filter criteria:
    • Sector: Does the investor focus on biotech, medical technology, diagnostics, or digital health?
  • Biotech Phase of Development or Medtech/Diagnostic Phase of Development: Many investors have a particular phase of development focus that aligns with their fund’s risk profile.

Other filters allow you to focus on a particular Investor Type (perhaps you want to meet Large Pharma scouts, or Family Office investors), or to filter by your product’s Indication to further narrow down your search.

  • Click the ‘Account’ tab to fill out your own startup profile.  RESI Partnering provides a lot of fields for showcasing your startup’s strengths and potential.  It may be that not all the fields are currently applicable for your company – it’s OK to leave some fields blank.  Use this profile to provide the key information you want investors to know about you.
  • Write a concise, punchy message.  When you hit the Book Meeting button, you have the opportunity to send the investor a message explaining why you want to meet.  It’s important to remember that you don’t have to explain your entire value proposition in this brief message; if you’ve filled out your account profile, you can direct the investor to read the profile for more in-depth information.  The message is more like an elevator pitch; it shouldn’t be more than 2-3 paragraphs and should explain why your startup could be important to that particular investor.
  • Send requests to all the relevant investors you can find.  With hundreds of investment firms registered for RESI, it’s likely that you can use the filters to find dozens of relevant investors to request meetings with.  More newly registered investors are added to RESI Partnering every day.  It’s therefore a good idea to send out your first batch of meeting requests ASAP, then log in again at least once a week to look for newly registered investors who might be a fit for you.  (When you run a search, the results are by default ordered alphabetically – but below the Search bar you have the option to change this setting to ‘Order by date approved’, which will mean the new investors will all pop up at the end of the list, allowing you to assess all the new results together.)  LSN has seen that startups get the best results by sending at least 40 requests, so log in regularly to look for new potential hits.
  • Follow up with frequent reminders.  We know from experience that the most successful companies in landing meetings with investors and strategics at RESI are organized and persistent in following up. Sending follow-up messages in the weeks leading up to RESI does make a difference, but a lot of companies fail to do this.

Happy Partnering! We are here to help you if you have any questions.

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