Hot Investor Mandate: Innovation Arm of Large Health System Invests Globally in Medtech and Digital Health Technologies that Target Oncology and Neurodegenerative Diseases

22 Aug

An innovation arm of a large health system is responsible for sourcing external facing innovation outside of the health system’s network, and seeks various strategic partnering opportunities with early-stage companies.  With a meaningful appetite for risk, the firm seeks to partner with companies through a combination of in-kind and other co-development resources, with an intention playing the part of “first paying customer.”  The firm aims to engage 10-15 deals on a yearly basis and is currently open to global opportunities.

The firm is most interested in digital health, HCIT, and process transformation opportunities, and will consider medical devices (predominantly of the “wearables” and monitoring types). The firm does not consider therapeutics companies. The firm is open to various indications, but is most interested technologies targeting care administration/operations, cancer, neuroscience, and ALS.  As the firm seeks to be the first paying customer, the firm is very open to the earliest stage digital health technologies, but companies who have yet to close an angel round might be considered too early.

The firm does not have specific company or management team requirements. The firm is actively involved in the growth of their portfolio companies, and leverage their internal resources and network to support their growth and customer traction.

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