Life Science Nation’s, Focus on Cures Accelerator (FOC), Now Offering a Fundraising Campaign Curriculum

21 Nov

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

LSN recently launched the Focus on Cures (FOC) Accelerator that helps high-growth, international startup companies move into the global partnering arena through a two-week Boston-based immersion program, titled MKT 466: Funding and Partnering Immersion Course, integrated into LSN’s global partnering network and the RESI conference series. The theme of the FOC accelerator is to create a funnel of elite, top domestic and foreign startups that need to raise angel, seed, series A and B rounds. This course solves an early stage funding challenge: there is no standardized methodology for teaching a company how to brand and message itself and efficiently manage a fundraising campaign. There is no reliable, accurate, and current partner and investor database (besides LSN’s) to get a company a list of global partners that are a fit for their stage of development and product set. Very few entrepreneurs are actually taught how to launch and manage a fundraising campaign, never mind training CEOs how to make an introductory phone call or write an introductory email. Most importantly, no one teaches the holy grail of canvassing for capital, which is, how to follow up.

Participants in the course receive:

  • A year subscription to the LSN investor database, valued at $6,995
  • Branding and messaging collateral for fund raising campaign, (including a logo, tagline, one page data sheet, two page executive summary, and 10-12 slide pitch), valued at $15K
  • A ticket to the next RESI conference to launch the fundraising campaign, valued at $3,000

The course is $10,000 per company, for services valued at $25,000, held at the LSN corporate headquarters in Downtown Crossing, Boston. Each company is expected to send one business and one science executive for the two week immersion class. The first class will be held from May 25th through Jun 5th, leading up to RESI San Diego, taking place on Monday, June 8th.

FOC Accelerator – MKT 466 Funding and Partnering Immersion Course

MKT466 is a unique two-week immersion course designed for life science entrepreneurs to experience the best methodologies for reaching out and establishing a dialogue with partners and  investors, building a relationship and, ultimately, securing capital allocations.

The morning sessions are 3-hour classes teaching the fundamental business development and marketing skills needed to formulate a company theme, create a corporate brand with appropriate messaging and market your firm to investors and strategic partners within the life science arena. (See details in the morning class outline)

The afternoon sessions include 1 hour of meeting the players in the Massachusetts life science ecosystem and 2 hours of curating and reaching out to a list of global investors and channel partners:

  1. Utilize LSN’s Company Database to build a full picture of global landscape of competitors
  2. Utilize LSN’s Investor Database to find investors and partners that are a fit for your stage of development and product set and aggregate a global target list
  3. Refine investor-centric marketing collateral (following the instructions of the Branding and Messaging class)
  4. Leverage your infrastructure to do email marketing campaigns and nurture leads in a CRM
  5. Start email and phone canvassing each day, supervised and mentored by LSN expert BD staff
  6. Set up intro phone calls and meetings
  7. Prepare for the upcoming RESI conference

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