NEW! RESI Launches Featured Company Pitch Session

21 Nov

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

Are you looking to raise a private financing round or find a strategic partner for your life science startup?  The 27th Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Partnering Conference is offering an opportunity to present your firm at our San Francisco event taking place on January 14th, 2020 event taking place at the Marines’ Memorial Club and Hotel near Union Square. We expect 500+ early stage investors to attend RESI San Francisco 2020, making this a unique opportunity to get your company’s message out.

Featured Pitch Sessions

Early Stage firms seeking licensing deals or Seed, Angel, Series A or B funding can secure a 15-minute presentation slot at the upcoming RESI Partnering Conference.  With RESI’s focused audience of life science investors, and a 1:1 ratio of investors to startups, presenting at RESI is a unique opportunity to get in front of early stage partners. RESI will host over 500 global early stage investors ranging from family offices and angels to strategic Pharma and MedTech players. Presenting at RESI gives companies an opportunity to build their profile.

If your firm is interested in presenting in the Early Stage Company Pitch Sessions please click below.  You will be required to submit a two-page executive summary and 10-12 page pitch deck with your application.

Deadline for applications December 12th 2019.

Fee structure

  • RESI registration fee per attendee (register here)
  • Presentation fee per company:  $1,500 

Who should present?

Any life science company that is developing products in the Drugs, Devices, Diagnostics or Digital Health arena and is seeking licensing or investment.

Presentation Details:

  • Early Stage companies are invited to request a 15-minute company presentation.
  • Presenting companies will be featured in the LSN Newsletter, RESI website and in the RESI conference program guide.

What about the RESI Innovation Challenge?

Those who are familiar with RESI know of the RESI Innovation Challenge, a competition for companies on the day of the conference, where they present posters in the exhibit hall and compete for ‘investments’ of ‘RESI Cash’ from attendees, with the most successful winning prizes at the end of the day. The RESI Innovation Challenge is unique in that it involves a rigorous merit-based selection process that assesses the ‘investability’ of a company based on the innovativeness of their technology, the stage of development and potential market size, to name a few of the many criteria. The Innovation Challenge has always been extremely selective, with many more applying than are accepted to participate. Participation in the Innovation Challenge for selected companies is at no extra cost, to ensure that the selective nature of the Innovation Challenge remains solely merit based (apply here). However, we have found that a large number of companies would like the opportunity to present their companies to the broad audience in attendance at RESI. To accommodate them, we are launching the RESI Featured Company Pitch Sessions.

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