Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Healthcare

5 Dec

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

At LSN we speak to investors day in, day out, about what technologies they are seeking for their future portfolios. Many are now looking for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across all of the sectors that LSN covers – drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health. Investors are interested in the power of AI: from drug discovery tools to data analytics, from genomics to clinical decision support, and also including image analysis and patient monitoring, to name a few.

It’s clear that there is an emerging interest in bringing these fields together. LSN has already used RESI to dip our toes in the water of AI, with regular panels on AI in Healthcare; at RESI Taipei, Professor Jack Li delivered a presentation on the future AI landscape of healthcare, which highlighted the role AI can play in lowering the costs of future care delivery. We’ve found these topics have resonated with both investors and entrepreneurs in early stage life sciences. There are many avenues for adding AI as an extra dimension to new technologies, such as using AI to analyze data from new drugs or devices.

RESI San Francisco will include two investor panels specifically devoted to artificial intelligence: the broad AI in Healthcare panel, and a more focused panel on AI in Pathology and Imaging, a key sector for the advancement of healthcare AI.  AI is also a key topic in other panels such as Oncology Innovation and Investing in Life Science Tools.  With so much innovation happening in this space, RESI hopes to help investors and entrepreneurs who are focused on healthcare AI connect with each other.

LSN is planning further dedicated content in this space; look out for the launch of 4D Meets AI soon.

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