RESI Partnering Tips: How to Fill Your Day with Meetings on January 14th

12 Dec

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

If you’ve registered for RESI San Francisco, then it’s likely that your goal is to book a strong slate of meetings, followed by a full day of face-to-face meetings with investors at RESI.  Here is our advice for partnering success at RESI:

  • Fill out your profile! This will provide investors with information above and beyond what you can fit in your intro message. If you fill out the key fields in your profile, attendees can revert back there for more information.
  • Use the filters in the sidebar when searching for meeting partners! Whether you are a startup, investor or service provider, the filters are in place to make your lives easier. You can pick a category of attendees to search, then use the filters to narrow down to the most relevant fits for you, such as investors who are interested in your sector.
  • Send as many relevant meeting requests as possible. Always use the “book a meeting” option for initial contact.
  • Put effort into the message you are sending along with your meeting requests. Tell them what you’re doing, who you are, why you’d be a great fit to work together and what you’re looking to get out of the relationship. Keep it concise, but informative!
  • Follow up on your requests. You can use the “send a message” option in RESI Partnering to send follow-up notes, or if you have the investor’s contact info you could send an email directly.
  • Continue to check the platform regularly. New investors, startup and service provider attendees are added every day. If you want to focus on newly added profiles, you can change the order of search results from ‘Order alphabetically’ to ‘Order by date approved’ and look at who’s joined since your last visit.
  • Join our partnering tutorials so you can see it all firsthand! Please visit our website for the complete partnering tutorial schedule.
  • Bring your partnering schedule to RESI – either print it out or have it available on your phone.

Using the partnering platform effectively can help you make the most out of RESI! It’s there so you know exactly who is coming and exactly who you need to talk to. Don’t miss out on our largest event of the year and this excellent opportunity to network with over 500 life science investors.

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