Hot Investor Mandate: Worldwide Asset Management Firm Invests in Life Sciences With a China Angle

19 Dec

The proprietary venture capital and private equity arm of a worldwide asset management organization has a fund focused on venture investments related to Greater China.  With an evergreen fund structure, the firm can be flexible in terms of investment sizes (up to $250 million per deal) and horizon. The firm typically makes equity investments. The fund invests in businesses based in China or with a China angle. The firm’s management team also collaborates closely with its parent company’s other funds on international deals.

Within life sciences, the fund works on a wide range of technology sectors including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, biotech R&D services, healthcare IT, and healthcare services. The firm is very opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications but historically has been active in biosimilars and biotech R&D. The firm evaluates technologies based on two main criteria: meaningful impact on human health; bold and innovative ideas. The firm has no specific preference in the investment stage. However, the firm generally invests in earlier stage for therapeutics and R&D and later stage for medical devices, but seeds have been done with exceptional founding teams.

The fund is seeking companies with a strong and experienced management team. The firm is flexible when it comes to post-investment board representation.

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