AI, Remote Monitoring, Augmented Reality – Meet Israeli Digital Health Startups At RESI SF 2020

2 Jan

By Tomer Epstein, Head of Medical Device & Digital Health, Israel Export Institute

With the RESI SF event during JPM week less than 2 weeks away the Israel Export Institute, Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast and Invest in Israel are excited to partner with LSN and attend their annual event, RESI, one of the most prestigious investor events in the US, with over 500 under one roof.

We are bringing a delegation of 12 companies to join RESI conference at JPM week. These companies are truly a good representation of Israel’s Digital Health Nation, showcasing technologies and solutions in: Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Medicine, Remote Monitoring, Decision Support Systems, wearables and more.

Israeli Digital Health industry has its roots in a long history of using innovative communication technologies to improve healthcare delivery. With more than 25 years of expertise in implementing health IT, electronic medical records and business analytics; today, our Government is investing strongly in IT thus putting Israeli expertise in international demand.

The number of companies in the Israeli Digital Health sector has risen substantially in recent years, reaching more than 500 companies in 2019, all have a solution at Digital Health services that can be delivered through the web or mobile and can improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Below are the companies that are attending RESI SF as part of the Israeli delegation – if you are interested in learning more, reach out to them on the partnering platform. Also, if you would like to learn more about the startups and technologies being developed in Israel, stop by the Israel Export Institute and Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast table in the exhibit hall!

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, supported by member firms, private sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export-oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, the Institute helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships.

The Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Ministry of Economy and Industry is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The Foreign Trade Administration operates over 45 economic missions in countries all over the world. Each of the missions has a team that is dedicated to fostering trade and investment between local companies and Israeli companies.


Invest in Israel is an integrative body within the Ministry of Economy and Industry that serves as a one-stop shop for a wide range of potential and existing investors. Invest in Israel identifies lucrative investment opportunities, maps potential obstacles and help fast-track investment.

Meet the Israeli Innovators:

Augmedics aims to improve healthcare with cutting edge surgical technologies that solve unmet needs and instill technological confidence in surgical workflows. Its pioneering xvision system, allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue as if they have “x-ray vision,” and accurately navigate instruments and implants during procedures.

GaitBetter promotes healthy aging by delivering a new and scientifically proven motor-cognitive training for gait rehabilitation and falls prevention. Our patent-pending solution was shown to prevent 50% of falls or better in the highest standard of research and in clinical service. We plan to start soft lunch in the US market in Q2 2020

IMNA enables care teams to gather key patient information between clinical visits, post discharge, and follow-up care. IMNA developed a proprietary comprehensive pain assessment platform which uses continuance patient monitoring, automated detection of pain through facial recognition, automated patient-centric behavioral and functionality questioners’ providers can now asses accurately and manage their patient’s pain and medication needs.

Lumen is a handheld device and app that measures your metabolism daily (RER), with a single breath, and tells you what metabolic fuel your body is currently using (Carbs Vs. Fats) – and provides a personalized daily meal plan. The Lumen system (app) guides people to make smarter choices about the foods they eat, their workouts and other lifestyle decisions they can take, helping them lose weight, build fitness, prevent diseases and above all, improve their metabolic health.

The Maverick Platform converts unstructured and fragmented text from patient records to structured information. As the only solution that masters each clinical specialty, understanding all clinical nuances to the degree of a specialist physician, the Maverick Platform is unique in offering substantially improved clinical and economic outcomes for benefitting patients, providers, and payers.

Navina develops an AI synthesis system to optimize medical data acquisition and analysis. It accesses all patient’s scattered medical information and provides the primary care physician a ‘one-stop-shop’ with only the relevant information, which allows better patient care and improved outcomes. Navina aims to enhance the physician with an AI tool that improves the delivery of care, along with quality goals and economical optimization.

Nucleai develops digital bio-markers based on AI tissue modeling that allows oncologists and pharma companies to match the optimal treatment for a patient (Mainly in immuno-oncology space). The companies use unique data sets cohorts accessible through partnerships with leading institutes in the US and Israel, The core technology was verified in clinical settings in several major medical centers in the US and Israel.

Follow-up of chronic patients is a costly challenge. Oxitone® has developed a full-suite, FDA-cleared solution for continuously generating automated medical follow-up. In one click, clinicians can unlock patients’ real-time intelligent insights and effortlessly follow-up hundreds of high-risk patients. Oxitone boosts value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical and economical outcomes and reducing utilization cost.

PillTracker is a next-gen medication adherence platform that helps patients take the right pill at the right time. Our ‘smart’ packaging and cellular-enabled dispenser allow pharma customers to improve the patient experience while reducing the risk and cost of developing innovative drugs at the clinical and post-market stage.

Somatix is a provider of wearable-enabled Remote Patient Monitoring platform to elderly care facilities, hospitals and rehab centers. Our solution uses patented gesture detection technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze user’s gesture data in real-time, helping healthcare providers maintain continuous contact with and improve the wellbeing of their patients.

Taliaz is a health-tech startup applying science to the world’s data to create digital solutions that better understand brain-related disorders for personalized treatment and management. Powered by its PREDICTIX AI-health prediction algorithm, our first product, PREDICTIX-Antidepressant, integrates genetic, clinical and demographic data to optimize antidepressant treatment for faster patient recovery.


XRHealth telehealth platform consists of innovative, immersive, therapeutic applications which address a wide variety of neuro-cognitive, emotional and physical symptoms. These applications are combined with an advanced data portal which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-computing algorithms to deliver meaningful data analytics for monitoring and managing patients remotely.

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