Hot Investor Mandate: Large Japan Corporation Seeks Active Investment & Partnership Opportunities Within Healthcare

13 Feb

A holding company of a large Japanese corporation focuses on healthcare as one of their main areas of interest. The mission of their venture group and corporate venture capital arm is to foster innovation across the group by investing in and partnering with strategic startups. In principle, the corporate venture capital arm is open to global opportunities and is geography and stage agnostic, but has specific preferences depending on the technology sector.

Healthcare/Medical is one of the major focus areas of the firm. The corporate venture capital arm is interested therapeutics solutions such as solutions beyond the pill (digital therapeutics) and around the pill (delivery systems etc). Therapeutics areas of interest are CNS, Autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, regenerative medicine, Aging related solutions and Vaccines. The corporate venture capital arm is also interested in diagnostics solutions based on genomics, metagenomics, metabolomics, healthcare ICT (biosensors etc), and medical big data.  Furthermore, medical devices for wound care, bone cement and hospital related infection treatment is also is an area of interest and is open to all classes of medical devices including 510k and PMA.

This corporate venture arm has a close, collaborative relationship with their group’s other active healthcare businesses and can also present opportunities to the pharma branch, CRO, CDMO branches as appropriate.

The firm is a flexible investor and does not require companies to have a Japan-centric angle. For medical device & digital therapeutics opportunities, the group does prefer technologies with strong promise in the US market. The venture group has a close relationship with all other business operations within the corporation, and can actively support companies by leveraging these relationships. For example, the group can help with Japan market entry and clinical trials through their business arm that specializes in clinical trials, with established CRO, CDMO, ICT services.

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