10 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

How exactly will Digital RESI Europe work?

LSN is going to embed links throughout The RESI Europe Agenda that will allow Digital RESI Europe attendees to easily navigate through all the aspects of the virtual conference. This means more opportunity to get at the amazing content presented by the who’s who of early stage global partnering. At their discretion attendees can now immerse themselves in ALL the content being delivered, and have more time to engage with participating companies and investors.

Will the panels and workshops be available over the three days?

Yes, attendees will have full virtual access to navigating all components of the conference over these three days. Not only will you be able to see “day of” content but also past panels where you can hear firsthand, how these investors and strategic partners source, vet and develop relationships with early stage technology firms.

How will Investor and Workshop panels be presented?

LSN is taking the “agenda page” of the RESI Europe program guide and making it an interactive navigation vehicle for the three-day virtual event. All attendees will have 24/7 digital access to the full day of panels scheduled in the agenda. At the click of a button attendees will be able to review pre-recorded panel discussions at their convenience. LSN will also provide access to past RESI panels of investors and strategic partners explaining their investment mandates for the 4Ds, drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. In addition to providing access to the scheduled panels as well as content from previous RESI conferences, attendees have the additional flexibility of working around scheduled meetings without struggling to balance their schedule.

Is RESI still doing 1:1 partnering?

Yes. Because Digital RESI Europe is now virtual, LSN can extend RESI 1:1 Partnering from one physical day to three virtual days. This will give you more opportunity to arrange more partnering meetings. The RESI Partnering Platform will allow for video conferencing and screen sharing to make your meetings more effective.

Will RESI partnering cover the three virtual days?

Yes. Digital RESI Europe attendees will be able to take advantage of more than three times as many partner meeting slots, have more opportunity to see relevant partner content and the ability to pick and choose meetings, panels and workshops from the comfort of your home or office.

I go to RESI to meet investors and strategic partners – how will that be affected?

RESI is unique in that it is a dedicated partnering conference. At any given RESI conference, LSN will have between 300 and 600 entrepreneurs and, amazingly, the same number of investors, making for a 1:1 ratio of buyers and sellers. The core value is the capability to utilize the RESI Partnering Platform (powered by Meeting Mojo) for an early stage life science company to meet investors and partners that are a fit for their stage of development and their product set. This makes for compelling, dynamic meetings based on fit.

RESI has been working with Meeting Mojo for RESI as a proprietary partnering software since LSN started the RESI Conference series back in 2013. Originally, LSN jointly designed and developed a capability to match the scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs with investors and strategic partners based on data parameters in each parties’ profile. The partnering system includes detailed company profiles, preventing meetings where attendees spend the time discovering they are not a fit for each other, wasting a valuable time slot. RESI partnering stands out in the industry because mismatching is dramatically reduced, ensuring maximum value of your partnering schedule. The three day Digital RESI Europe format will allow attendees to take even more advantage of this unique LSN resource.

Please explain how the Meeting Mojo video software partnering module will work?

We are all familiar with video conferencing and video meetings via our PC applications and mobile cell devices, so this is not a big leap to integrate the video capability into the Meeting Mojo partnering and scheduling software. Most RESI attendees are already familiar with the Meeting Mojo/RESI partnering. You log in as you have in the past and schedule your meetings as before, and at the designated time of your meeting you simply go to the Meeting Mojo partnering site and with a few mouse clicks will be “live” for your partnering meeting.

The virtual meeting platform is seamlessly integrated into the partnering software, and LSN and Meeting Mojo will make step-by-step instructions available. It is easy to use, intuitive and very good quality. We can use Meeting Mojo partnering software to provide a functional equivalent of the physical 1:1 meeting that make RESI a very important global event.

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