The Incredible Success of Digital Partnering

19 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

The team at LSN are being consistently blown away by the eager response to bringing RESI and our partnering platform to a virtual system. Investors and companies are taking advantage of the multi-day virtual partnering experience, with 100s of meetings being booked a day over the past few days. Over the past year, I have managed the back-end of RESI partnering, and I am amazed to see the activity on the platform. We anticipate over 800 meetings will take place over the three days of partnering, and that the number of meetings booked will be more than double what we would have seen at a physical RESI conference with the same number of attendees.

The benefit of the digital partnering platform is that it is built on our existing partnering system, allowing companies to easily identify investors and strategic partners who are a fit for them. Attendees can now request, book and participate in meetings from one place. The virtual partnering allows attendees to participate in meetings with multiple colleagues and features a screensharing function as well. Basically, this system combines the features of the video conferencing platforms that we use on a daily basis, without requiring attendees to do more than schedule their meeting as they normally would at RESI.

Carrying on business as usual has been impossible, and the whole world has had to adapt to a new reality over the past few months. The transition from in-person meetings to virtual, while not ideal, is allowing startups to continue their mission of bringing new technologies to the clinic. More than ever, current events are proving how necessary it is to keep moving forward, and as many startups will be facing a difficult time ahead in moving their technologies towards the market, we are appreciative of the support of the investors in LSN’s global ecosystem in adopting this digital format. There is still room for plenty more meetings – it’s not too late to register!

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