Here’s The Plan: It Pays To Go Digital, ‘Till June

9 Apr

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

LSN had to pivot a few weeks ago and create Digital RESI Global Conference. The site remains open and anyone can see the gist of what LSN did on this “live” page. LSN could do this because we have done over 30 physical conferences and never outsourced any part of the conference except the 3rd party partnering software, to which we added a “matching module” that is unique to LSN. Because we had done our own program guides in the past, we had a lot of the formatting issues conquered for the digital version.  The difficulty at any event is the staff chasing down all the content for the program guide, including speaker bios, marketing collateral and company profiles etc. Always down to the wire.

Digital RESI Global doubled our predicted attendee turnout with investment partners and fundraising CEOs. The metrics are actually quite interesting and surprised us in revealing the pent up demand for action in the life science arena in these troubled times.  Partnering led the way and Panels, Workshops and Company Presentations did remarkably well. I never would have thought that these troubled times would have contributed to a new model that seems to be shifting the paradigm.

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