Hot Investor Mandate: USA Venture Capital Firm Most Interested in Investing in Digital Health, as well as Tech-Enabled Devices and Diagnostic Tools

9 Apr

A venture capital firm headquartered in the USA, had its beginnings as an incubator, providing seed funding to very early-stage companies for the first two years. Since then, the firm has also branched into a venture arm that expanded the investment focus to Series A financing rounds. The firm is actively seeking investments and will allocate around $500K – 2.5 M, with preferred financing structures being equity and convertible preferred equity. Although the firm has invested in companies outside the USA, the firm focuses its investments on USA-based companies.

In the life sciences space, the firm is primarily interested in healthcare IT/digital health technologies and services as well as medical devices and diagnostic tools that have a tech-enabled component. The firm is open to devices of all FDA regulatory pathways including 510k and PMA. Products that have not begun clinical trials will most likely be considered too early, so these devices should at least be undergoing clinical trials. The firm is not interested in companies in the therapeutics sector.

The firm seeks to work with privately owned companies with an experienced management team that is dedicated full-time. CEOs with experience founding successful start-up companies is a strong plus. The firm can act as either a lead or co-investor in financing rounds, and will generally seek a board seat.

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