Hot Investor Mandate: Venture Capital Arm of Family Office Actively Invests in Therapeutics, Medical Device, and Diagnostics Startups with USA Focus

9 Apr

A venture capital arm of a family office actively invests in early stage startups. Of their investments, about a third are in healthcare. The firm is a fairly opportunistic investor, and will consider therapeutics, medical device, diagnostics and digital health companies, but will only invest in companies that have a strong IP position and a strong management team. The firm generally invests in seed-series A rounds , investing $500k-3M in rounds generally in the range of $2 to $15 million. The firm prefers to invest in therapeutics companies that are IND-ready, and in device and diagnostics companies that have some clinical data. The firm will invest globally, but prefers to invest in companies based in the US.

The firm invests opportunistically in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and, to a lesser degree, digital health technologies. The firm generally does not invest in consumer-facing/telehealth-related digital health companies. Historically, the firm has invested in AI-based digital health technologies, and will not invest in a digital technology that does not have strong IP. The firm is generally agnostic to indication.

The firm looks for companies with strong IP and management teams. The firm is willing to lead or co-invest, but will generally not participate in rounds larger than $30M. When acting as a lead investor, the firm is a very active investor, and plays a large role in helping company development.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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